The New York New Church is spiritual home to a community with a broad sense of Christianity. We worship a loving God who embraces every person regardless of that person’s circumstance.

For us, to be good Christians means to live a life of kindness and usefulness to others in the way we understand it and to the best of our ability. Our life in this world is the arena where we are free to choose to turn ourselves toward the best principles that we know and away from a life with only ourselves at the center. This is for us, the foundation of any and all true religion.

We grow our faith by understanding the Bible as it is illuminated by the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. God made us to feel that this life is our own, so that we may choose a life according to the rules of order and freely choose to receive the love of God, or not. Our lives are held in balance and God never violates our free will by compulsion. Love cannot be compelled.


…everything has an inner and an outer level, and that outer level is dependent on the inner level as a body is dependent on its soul…
~Emanuel Swedenborg