Our Beliefs

We believe there is one God, known by many names. The Trinity, in Christian terms, of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are aspects of God - just as soul, body, and activities are aspects by which a person may be known.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Using the Bible as the foundation for our theology, we see in its pages two parallel stories: a historical account of people, places, and events, and within that account a reflection of our individual journeys. Thus the Bible is alive and fresh today, speaking to us directly about our spiritual pilgrimage.

We believe that people are essentially spirits clothed with material bodies. At death, the material body is laid aside and the person continues to live on in the world of spirit in one's inner spiritual body, on the basis of the kind of life he or she chose while here on earth.

We believe that religion touches all areas of our lives and our responsibility is to put into practice in our daily lives what we believe.

The focus of the church is the facilitation of the spiritual well-being of people through public worship, instruction in the Christian doctrines of the New Church and participation in the life of the community. It stands open to all those who respond to a thoughtful and relevant approach to Christianity and the spiritual life.