We exist to serve you. We are here to support people of all faiths, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and social status. 


Our Mission

Every community is faced with an anxiety unique to it's time and place, yet universal in it's humanity.  We believe a church should be a haven for addressing those anxieties. 

Our job is to be LOVING, not to be right.  We must steer clear of the need to be right, which can become an addiction. We believe our role is to ask questions and to listen rather than to dictate answers.

Whereas religion has traditionally focused largely on masses of words and ideas, we are focused on more of what we think of as being USEFUL. Sitting in a pew passively listening to a sermon is not useful . Acting with devotion and love, to be in service of others to everyone, everywhere is useful. 

God is love.

… therefore The New Church of New York exists to be useful to our spiritual selves in our everyday lives.

We do this by created space for open hearted dialogues, experiences, and community.

While we are home for people of all faiths, we are rooted in the Swedenborgian tradition. Learn more about what that means here

Love in its essence is spiritual fire.
— Emanuel Swedenborg

Notable persons influenced either by Swedenborg's writing or by the New Church include:

  • John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman: was an American folk hero, missionary and pioneer who planted apple trees throughout the Midwest of America
  • Robert Frost: American poet who was baptized in the church[149]
  • William Blake: An English poet and painter who wrote The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: a satirization of Swedenborg's work Heaven and Hell. And Blake and his wife, Catherine, attended the first General Conference of the New Jerusalem Church in 1789.